Adult obesity statistics forLogan County, WV

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the obesity rate as of 2017-2018 was 42.4%. People with obesity have a body mass index, or BMI, of 30+. [1] Of those in the obese category, about 9% are considered having severe obesity or a BMI of 40+. Based on a 2016 review of data, the United States is ranked 12th among nearly 200 countries based on prevalence of obesity. [2]

In Logan, men average a BMI of 0.0 and women come in at a BMI of 31.6. The typical weight of men is 0 pounds with women weighing 186 pounds.

The average pounds to lose in Logan is 68 pounds. That is 2 % higher than the state average of 66 pounds and 15 % higher than the country average of 59 pounds.

Average Weight
0 lbs
186 lbs

Average weight to lose 67.5 pounds

State Avg 66.1 pounds

Country Avg 59.0 pounds

Obesity averages for Men

Obesity averages for Men

In Logan, the average age of obese men is 47. The average BMI for males is 0.0, approximately 100% lower than female.

47 average age

average bmi

Obesity averages for Women

Obesity averages for Women

44 average age

In Logan, the average age of obese women is 44. The average BMI for females is 31.6, approximately inf% higher than male.

average bmi

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